RDS Thermal Permeation Mechanism and Sets

RDS Thermal Permeation Mechanism and Sets

Equipped with a driver, the RDS kramayer drives are a low maintenance driver for push-pull display systems in the green. Together with the RDS motorized transmission (5

rpm), this rack drive brings an eff ective combination of features that shields the sunlight from the sun and provides total shadow display systems. Compact size, RDS kramayer

drive is suitable for a wide range of display systems. It can also be used in non-landscape display systems by attaching a sliding block to the request.

Dipping The fine-grain coated RDS rack drives are supplied with two mounting lips. With counter plates and bolt-nut connections (M8) or with the clamp mount, they are

easily mounted in the greenhouse cage (lattice frame). The heat curtain units have fixing holes that provide a fixed connection to the greenhouse structure for the wire

stretcher. The RDS kramayer drive comes with mounting lips facing outward (left-right) in one direction (right) or mounting lips (outside headphones). The second version

is ideal for use with clamp mounts.