RDS Motor Worm Gearbox

RDS Motor Worm Gearbox

The worm gearboxes of the RDS series feature input and output shafts that are perpendicular to each other. They can be mounted to the driven machine by the foot, fl ange

or torque arm on the gearbox. The RDS series units are of a modular design with fl exible mounting positions and maximum thermal capacity through the optimized design

of their cooling ribs. They are available with a range of ratios from 7.5 to 100 in a single stage. Higher ratios are possible with double gearboxes. Instead of using brakes

these gearboxes can, according to transmission ratio, be used with their irreversibility feature.


• Mounting possible from all sides,

• Flange and torque arm options,

• Standard IEC B5 or B14 motor fl anges,

• Maximum thermal capacity through optimized design of cooling fins,

• Transmission ratios 7.5 to 100 in one stage,

• Higher ratios with double gearbox,

• Irreversibility feature, which can be used as a brake according to ratio.

Options and Accessories

• IEC B5 and B14 motor fl anges,

• Output fl ange options,

• Backstop,

• Special sealings,

• Glass oil level indicator,

• Torque arm,

• Electromagnetic brakes.